Sherry and John

Yes my friends last weekend was the best day of my little life! You may be asking yourself, “did she win the lottery? find a leprechaun? discover the true meaning of life????”

Well….no. I did none of those things, and being that I am already married and have a child its neither if those things as well.  It all began a year ago when I learned of a wonderful little blog called Young House Love. I found it while searching for home improvement tips after buying this house. I was instantly hooked and became kind of obsessed with it. Some people have a twitch to go on Facebook, I have a twitch to go onto Young House Love. Last fall Sherry and John came out with a book, and my husband got it for me for our wedding anniversary. Not only is this book now equivalent to my kind of Bible, BUT I found out that Sherry and John were coming to Portland for book signing! Have I ever mentioned that I LIVE IN PORTLAND! So of course I went, and I went early! Karl and I got there about an hour early and we were about the 20th people in line!!!


Which was a great thing! Because only 30 minutes later and the place looked like this!


Crazy Town right!?! who would have known that so many people were going to be there! Also, yes, I was that super giddy freaky person in line who was pacy and crazy looking.

Exhibit A of me looking like a crazy person!!!! Who has two thumbs and looks like shes going to make you into a lamp shade! This Girl!


They asked if I rode a bike and I replied  “no I’m far to lazy for that!” we also let them know the Portlanders are notorious for have chickens in there yards as well! Sherry even drew me a picture of a cat! It was amazing. Even if John doubted  her every step of the way!

Heres another crazy town picture of myself!


I was complimented about how much energy I was bringing to the whole conversation! And I topped it off with a heal kick off the platform! Thank god I didn’t  fall! As if looking insane isn’t embarrassing enough!!!!


Have any of you met a life long/year long hero?


Our ever so longggggg to do list:

Well here we go. After months of wondering around my house, laying on the floors for hours and even dreaming about home improvement projects, I have now started a master list. Many of the projects we have already finished are not mentioned, I figured I would save my fingers the extra typing for now. If only I could quite my job, still have money and just DIY. I would be the happiest girl on earth. I know not its hard to see what I have planed for the rooms, but I think I’m going to take a swing at mood boards. Has anyone ever made a mood board before? Any tips?

Living Room

  • Curtains and rods
  • re-tile the fireplace
  • refinish the floors ( the whole down stairs)
  • tv cabinet/ storage
  • paint the ceiling
  • new rug
  • new light fixture
  • turn down fire place

Dining Room

  • new chairs
  • Curtains
  • new light fixture
  • built ins
  • french doors
  • paint ceiling
  • repaint room
  • new wood table
  • new rug?


  • re finish the floors
  • refinish the cabinets
  • make some kind of pantry
  • stools
  • new lighting
  • repaint
  • paint ceilings

Half Bathroom

  • new lighting


  • paint the second coat of purple
  • get bed frame
  • new light fixture
  • curtains
  • new door knob
  • fix the closet door so it actually closes
  • art work
  • put fabric on the back of the book shelves
  • paint the ceiling


  • Laundry Room
  • Refinish/ paint cabinets
  • Shelving?
  • Artwork


  • Paint
  • Hardwoods?


  • Giant wall to wall desk
  • Curtains
  • Fix door
  • paint touch ups
  • paint ceiling
  • new light fixture
  • filing cabinet
  • Rows Room
  • Fix door
  • paint touch up
  • paint ceiling
  • new light fixture
  • dresser
  • Back Yard
  • fence
  • paint chairs
  • paint concrete
  • lighting
  • Rows Bathroom
  • Repaint
  • paint ceiling
  • new lights
  • refinish cabinets
  • get bins
  • shower redo
  • Front Yard
  • Fence
  • Moss mountain
  • porch fence
  • repaint


Yes for some reason the prior tenets loved to kill doors and put holes in the walls. so far we patched up all the holes but we have yet to get the the door situation. Yes we have been living for months with out much privacy. its a long list and im sure its only going to get longer as time goes on. we have made a large dent but it looks like i will be blogging for many years to come!

silly house drawings

The visuals are in!

I decided it would probably be helpful for you all to have a visual of how our home is laid out. This way when I talk about turning our garage into a living space, or tearing down a wall, you all will know what I’m talking about! It’s not 100 percent accurate but it may be helpful. I tried to give you all an idea of each room color, as well as where doors (green lines) and windows (purple lines) are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well there you have it!  hope you all have a great night!





Many of you may be wondering ‘Why has Lovely Little House not been updating us with amazing posts about the progress of their home, and giving us inspiration for our own!

Where can I start. It was an overwhelming past few weeks, both at work and at home. We are in the middle of several projects at the moment. The photos are taken and as of about 10 minutes ago have been filed on the computer in an organized fashion. We are spending our weekends devoted to the front yard. The blueprints have been rewritten several times but now we believe we have it. We finally had some time to stop at the home improvement store to buy paint and look at shiny new tools. My mental list of to do’s has exploded and it’s taking everything I’ve got to remember to write it down! I’ve even been staying up past my bedtime reading building codes, looking at paint swatches and trying to find the best deals online.

To top it off, we had friends in town, a guild meeting (oh did I never mention that this is a Lovely Little House of Nerds!) plus lots of new babies in the class room. I don’t think I’ve had a proper nights sleep in a few weeks. And so to all those diehard fans of mine, I’m sorry. However, in the next week or so there will be at least 3 new project posts….all on different areas of the house!

Is it just me or did someone just squeal!


Here we go! I will start by apologizing in advance. I have never blogged before, nor do I ever edit anything! I am a terrible speller and I never use commas correctly. This fact is commonly brought to my attention by my husband, a man who has spent his whole life devoted to the English language. However, this blog is not about my husband or I, it is about our lovely little house. A few months ago we purchased our first home. It was clear the moment we stepped foot in the house that the previous tenets were not the home improvement type. They had beaten and neglected ever wall, door and floor. It was only now, in our care, that our house is starting to make a full recovery. We have spent the last 4 months on the basic cleaning, unpacking and decorating for a livable house. But now we are able to venture beyond that basic. I’m talking about painting cupboards, builing built ins and as future post will show, digging up all the grass in our front yard! Im super excited!